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      We deliver civilization in good faith, we cast a passion for fashion, we have the strength to open up tomorrow, each one is represented by the dedication, each line represents a focus, each of which is a classic, We'll move forward. Debauch, we advocate low carbon, environmental protection, comfortable, natural, for independent, low-key!

      Jiangsu Qingqing Garments Import & Export Co. Ltd.

            Jiangsu Qingqing Garments Import & Export Co. Ltd. is located in known as "Wuzhong portal" reputation of Jintan City, she according to Shanghai East, west of the South Beijing, north of Yangzhou, south of Hangzhou, close to the river, Yangli expressway, sitting on the town wide highway, the traffic is very convenient. Company is a collection of weaving, Dyeing and finishing, printing, embroidery, garment production, specializing in the production of underwear, clothing, sportswear, casual wear, fashion design and production Production. Products are exported to Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, South Korea, Holland, Australia and other countries and regions. Export garment 10 million, export foreign exchange...

      Products show


      Interpretation of life wonderful, wonderful life experience

      Each is a classic

      Production strength


      Set weaving, dyeing and finishing, printing, embroidery, garment production in a dragon

      Strength of brilliant achievements

      Cooperative partner

      Docking the world, creating value

      Customers all over the sea and outside
      About us
      Corporate introduction
      General Manager Speech
      Corporate honor
      Corporate culture
      Development history
      Company news
      Media coverage
      Fashion series
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      Sports Series
      Other series
      Its branch
      Jiangsu Vigny Vichy Garment Co. Ltd.
      Jintan Jinlin Garment Co., Ltd.
      Jintan Qingqing knitting factory
      Jintan City Qian garments factory
      Contact us
      Address:Xingbiaobiao Road 80#. Zhiqian town. Jintan. Jiangsu . China
      Copyright:Jiangsu Qingqing Garments Import & Export Co. Ltd.  Technical support:Changzhou cloud computing    
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