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      Jiangsu Qingqing Garments Import & Export Co. Ltd.

            Jiangsu Qingqing Garments Import & Export Co. Ltd. is located in known as "Wuzhong portal" reputation of Jintan City, she according to Shanghai East, west of the South Beijing, north of Yangzhou, south of Hangzhou, close to the river, Yangli expressway, sitting on the town wide highway, the traffic is very convenient. Company is a collection of weaving, Dyeing and finishing, printing, embroidery, garment production, specializing in the production of underwear, clothing, sportswear, casual wear, fashion design and production Production. Products are exported to Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, South Korea, Holland, Australia and other countries and regions. Export garment 10 million, export foreign exchange about 45000000 us dollars.
            Jiangsu Qingqing garment import & Export Co., Ltd., covers an area of seventy-two thousand square meters, construction area of more than 88 thousand square meters. Fixed assets of 160 million yuan. Existing staff of more than 2000 people. The company consists of Jiangsu Vigny
      and Wei Clothing Co., Jintan City Qingqing knitting factory, Jintan City Qian garments factory and other enterprises.
            Dreamy, poetic song. Have a unique style garden layout silhouetted against a modern plant, it is so natural and harmonious, just outside the garden, suddenly let the hustle and bustle of the city for a long time at the heart tired, gone with the wind, relaxed and happy.
            Modern office building, information office facilities available; beautiful "sky garden", vibrant, for the entire office area to add vitality and fun. The building in China World Trade Center as a busy and orderly business customers, dealing with all kinds of orders; ready to order production as preparatory work and production plan; technical personnel to use CAD clothing professional software and advanced automatic rigid machine production model; the exhibition hall, displaying all kinds of knitting fabrics and printing samples, the international famous brand clothing a superb collection of beautiful things, the independent brand "amour" and "Wei Nivich" dazzling...

      General Manager Speech

      Dear friends from all walks of life:
            Hello! The company people-oriented, dedicated corporate culture so that employees feel the cultural atmosphere here, adhere to the "heart of the enterprise, to create a better future, the staff, harmonious development" concept, concerned about the staff of life. Priority to the welfare of employees, the new more than 10 thousand square metres of staff apartments, each 22 square meters of four quarters comfortable and quiet, well-equipped. Inside the bathroom, color TV, air conditioning, so that employees enjoy the same home. Carried out two consecutive "Qingqing Cup" employee card OK game. At the end of the year for the payment of staff bonuses and benefits, free shuttle guest staff home new year spring festival. The company provides free working meals for employees. Spacious and clean staff dining hall, safety and sanitation, complete facilities.
            About 2000000 yuan investment in the employee Club Library, Internet cafes, karaoke room, gym, auditorium, billiards room and other cultural entertainment facilities to meet the needs of cultural Goods are available in all varieties., and the spirit of the employee.

      Enterprise honor

      Enterprise culture

      • Enterprise purpose
        To the quality of survival, reputation and development
      • Enterprise spirit
        Integrity, pragmatic, innovation
      • Humanistic feelings
        The heart of the enterprise, to create a better future, the staff, harmonious development
      • Road of development
        How people create a beautiful home with wisdom and diligence, write one after another beautiful music, a variety of honors followed, the country's textile industry labor model was awarded the "general manager Mr. Fei Jianlin".

      Qingqing garment——20 years focused on independent clothing brand research and development

      How people create a beautiful home with wisdom and diligence, write one after another beautiful music, a variety of honors followed, won the "Jiangsu provincial environmental protection advanced enterprise", "private enterprises in Jiangsu province advanced unit", "Changzhou advanced collective", "Changzhou city civilization unit", "Changzhou City Environmental Friendly Enterprise", "Jintan municipal environmental protection advanced enterprise", "Jintan City technical inputs advanced enterprise", "Jintan city safe production advanced unit", "Jintan top twenty enterprises" and the honorary title.
      • October 2002
        Advanced enterprise of environmental protection in Jiangsu Province
      • November 2002
        Changzhou Municipal People's government awardsIn the socialist construction of a significant result, the decision was awarded the title of Changzhou advanced collective.
      • December 2005
        Credit (contract) AAA grade enterprise

      Production base

      Readymade GarmentsStrength achievement glory

      Garment factory to introduce the international first-class technology and equipment. Advanced hardware facilities, scientific management system, perfect production process, employees in strict in demands dedication, Nissan 28 thousand garments.

      Printed embroidery Strength achievement Charm

      Printing plant has printing plate 720 meters, Nissan all kinds of clothing 26 thousand pieces of printing. Embroidery factory with advanced production Preparation. The first-class production technology, the icing on the cake of the pink of perfection.

      WeavingStrength of brilliant achievements

      The introduction of the German weaving factory production of "Mayer Xi Da Yuan Machine 26 sets, 41 sets of Taiwan large garden machine, Nissan all kinds of needles Fabric 15 tons. Knitted fabric with feel good, Quality and stability of the characteristics, reached the international advanced level.

      dyeing and finishingGreat achievements

      Dyeing and finishing plant has type TGRU-UAF high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine 8, Xiangfu high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine 7, and the sample machine 8, STA82700-2600 resin setting machine 2, Germany BRUCKNER knitting shaping machine 1, TD type clothing drying machine 9, pilling machine 5, a machine 2, shearing machine 1, SZL4-1.25-AII, SZL10-1.25-AII steam boiler of a YLL-1400 thermal oil furnace two units, Nissan 15 tons of all kinds of knitted fabric.

      Enterprise style

      • Office Building
      • Customer apartment
      • Garden plant
      • Sky garden
      • Staff house KTV
      • Computer room for staff and workers
      • Home gym
      • Zhigongzhijia Library
      • Staff style
      • Garment room
      • Garment room
      • Exhibition hall
      About us
      Corporate introduction
      General Manager Speech
      Corporate honor
      Corporate culture
      Development history
      Company news
      Media coverage
      Fashion series
      Leisure series
      Sports Series
      Other series
      Its branch
      Jiangsu Vigny Vichy Garment Co. Ltd.
      Jintan Jinlin Garment Co., Ltd.
      Jintan Qingqing knitting factory
      Jintan City Qian garments factory
      Contact us
      Address:Xingbiaobiao Road 80#. Zhiqian town. Jintan. Jiangsu . China
      Copyright:Jiangsu Qingqing Garments Import & Export Co. Ltd.  Technical support:Changzhou cloud computing    
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