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      Talent recruitment

      • Fashion designer 3

        Requirements Bachelor degree or above, engaged in related work for more than 3 years, have the relevant aesthetic ability, can endure hardship endurance, good at communication and coordination! Apply for
      • The recruitment of several operators

        How people create a beautiful home with wisdom and diligence, write one after another beautiful music, a variety of honors followed, won the "Jiangsu provincial environmental protection advanced enterprise", "private enterprises in Jiangsu province advanced unit", "Changzhou advanced collective", "Changzhou city civilization unit", "Changzhou City Environmental Friendly Enterprise", "Jintan municipal environmental protection advanced enterprise", "Jintan City technical inputs advanced enterprise", "Jintan city safe production advanced unit", "Jintan top twenty enterprises" and the honorary title. General manager Mr. Fei Jianlin was awarded the national textile industry model". Welcome to join the great wisdom of the people! Apply for
      About us
      Corporate introduction
      General Manager Speech
      Corporate honor
      Corporate culture
      Development history
      Company news
      Media coverage
      Fashion series
      Leisure series
      Sports Series
      Other series
      Its branch
      Jiangsu Vigny Vichy Garment Co. Ltd.
      Jintan Jinlin Garment Co., Ltd.
      Jintan Qingqing knitting factory
      Jintan City Qian garments factory
      Contact us
      Address:Xingbiaobiao Road 80#. Zhiqian town. Jintan. Jiangsu . China
      Copyright:Jiangsu Qingqing Garments Import & Export Co. Ltd.  Technical support:Changzhou cloud computing    
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