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      2015 Chinese New Year gathering

      From:Jiangsu Qingqing Garments Import & Export Co. Ltd.  Time:2015-3-28 9:08:09  Hits:

            4 p.m. March 6th, Jiangsu Qingqing Garment Import & Export Co. Ltd. in 2015 Chinese New Year gathering in (Zhigongzhijia) was held. The company leadership, management, team leader, vehicle inspection, make advanced production (work), the representatives of the staff and workers of more than 300 people celebrate a gathering of many people, the year of the goat.

            Deputy director Chen Youtu presided over the spring festival celebrations will lead to 2014 year, 3 production model and 5 outstanding award in recognition of the. 2014 employee income more than 60000 yuan to reach 10 people, the highest income amounted to 68000 yuan; the income of more than 50000 yuan to reach 87 people, an increase of 110%, in recognition of the 3 production model and 5 outstanding award is one of the outstanding representatives. The total cost of read "decision on appointment and removal of Comrade Wang Liang, and Chinese New Year greetings to the participants, the participants expressed the leadership of the company and all the staff for their support and sincerely wish the company sincere gratitude, put forward the goal of the year 2015. The total fee after the opening ceremony, Xu director, chairman of the company leadership and the small factory director, responsible department and related personnel and advanced production (work), the representatives of the staff and workers in sequence at the meeting made the exchange statement.

            Part of the draw throughout the gathering at the beginning, a total of 116 awards. Among them first prize 1 (1600 yuan), two prize 5 (each 800 yuan), three prize 10 (each 500 yuan), four prize 20 (each 300 yuan), five prize 80 (each 200 yuan).


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