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      Lowering the efficiency began to increase

      From:Jiangsu Qingqing Garments Import & Export Co. Ltd.  Time:2015-3-26 9:08:59  Hits:

            Factory started in 2015, including the production department, the China World Trade Center department, the Department of development, production workshop, including the development of new accounting methods to carry out the cost of strict control of the cost increase efficiency. This work also do not have to do, do not retreat.

            If our development is by the staff of the wisdom, so the efficiency is the staff's responsibilities;

            If our growth is to promote advanced equipment, so the efficiency is the protection of the equipment;

             If our prosperity is "people-oriented" dictates, so the efficiency is our necessary factors to prosperity.

            Previously often remember to say, "Chinese is inexhaustible inexhaustible, vast territory and abundant resources," to show off, the moment has already disappeared, replaced by "thrift glorious, shameful extravagance and waste has become the people of our generation of no..

            If the mountain is a mountain, then every one of us can be regarded as a grain of sand on the mountain, and every grain of sand will determine the success of this mountain. As every member of her, we have an obligation and responsibility for lowering the efficiency of their contribution to a modest. But for lowering the efficiency of most of us always immersed in "how great is the manufacturers' Orchestra, think it is the boss's money is to save others, with yourself? Can we have in our daily work, also had a sleepless night and day computer phenomenon, once appeared the lights go out, the more serious is a careless action damaged thousands of yuan of operating equipment, a careless operation will cause waste material and drop clothes produced; a production data after careful review and process to the front to the back of the production to bring unexpected trouble caused by the backlog of raw material waste, rework time, funds etc.;

            It is because of these many casual, accidentally stuffed under the waste and should not cause: it is so many irresponsible behavior, I make you hard to cast to the wind to create value, we slip away.

            The ancients said: do not be good for small and not for, not for the small evil. Though the act may not be intentional, but enough to cause our deep thought. Thought is the guide of action, we must start from the heart. From the beginning, really establish a conservation awareness, to reduce the cost of efficiency as the starting point and the end result, so that it has become the most active in our work, the most conscious behavior.

            Our clothing production, raw material is the clothing cost big, how the garment production cost control, for many factories profits generated will play a direct role, so it is very important to control the cost of garment production well. Once in the past to pay close attention to cost control, the cost control as we have to do the work, cost control and reduce the cost of efficiency will have a hope, will make the results. We should keep the work in order to maintain and implement the cost control, to optimize the continuous exploration and improvement process, both to ensure quality and meet customer needs, but also can reduce the consumption of both to meet production needs. To do this is to benefit from our every employee's bit of effort, thanks to our deep understanding of the cost reduction.

            The company was to attach great importance to the ideological cost efficiency, overcome the "lowering the efficiency is a commonplace talk of an old scholar not fresh," ideology; from the action actively, to overcome the "no this can reduce the fear of hardship, strict management to reduce the cost and increase the benefit to tap the potential of lowering the efficiency of the system. And normalized, only in this way, our business can be in an invincible position in the fierce competition in the market.

            "Reduce the cost of efficiency", whether in production or in life, are closely related to us. Total participation in the reduction of the efficiency of each employee should be the responsibility; from my start, from the start bit by bit, is an important guarantee to reduce the effectiveness of efficiency activities. Every employee should have a high sense of responsibility, focusing on reducing the efficiency of this article. All staff will be based on their own posts, start from the details, to carry out extensive check loopholes, measures, save electricity, a drop of water, a piece of cloth, a piece of paper into the responsibility of every link of production work. To make a contribution to reducing cost and increasing benefits.

                    The efficiency is not a simple slogan, it requires us to advocating simplicity, thrift pride, extravagance and waste as shame; it tells us entrepreneurs, struggle, not enjoyment, happy; it teaches us to continue to forge ahead, innovation.

            The efficiency for us is not a simple statement, but we have a responsibility to yourself, how to play and a responsibility, but also a social responsibility. Maybe some people know that I still have a lot of shortcomings in the technical aspects of lowering the efficiency of the contribution is not great, but we see how people with hard and unyielding spirit in colleagues and predecessors, their leader, I believe that every one of our staff in the spirit and faith to lead will go out with her characteristic of lowering the efficiency of the road.

              Haier President Zhang Ruimin once said: it is not simple, it is the simple things do a thousand times to do a good job; is not easy, it is easy to do things a thousand times to do the right things. As long as we can take action, from save a drop of water and electricity, a piece of paper to start, start small, start from their own job well, unremittingly, persevere, sustained prosperity our enterprises will maintain the vitality!


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