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      New year news

      From:Jiangsu Qingqing Garments Import & Export Co. Ltd.  Time:2015-3-26 9:09:22  Hits:

      ★ 1February 17th  Afternoon, the Jiangsu Provincial Federation of trade unions private department vice minister Yang Shuhua and a line of 6 people came to research Qingqing factory of Jintan city. Minister Yang scene to see the party work center, home of workers, the factory beautiful environment and humanistic care to give a high evaluation and praise. Hope that the factory in the existing work on the basis of a higher level, to achieve a greater leap forward. Yuan Guofang, vice chairman of Jintan Federation of trade unions, the organization department minister Lu Jinrong, vice chairman of the town of Xu Meidi, vice chairman of the research. Factory trade union chairman Ding Jianjun to Minister Yang and other reports on the work of the union to carry out the situation.

      ★ December 31st Good morning, for the further operation of Wei Niweixi brand, total cost and Changzhou city manager Zhang Ying, Wei Niweixi operations director Zhou Guoping together to discuss how to make Niweixi Wei in Tmall business good give advice and suggestions, the parties on the issues discussed in depth, the spirit of cooperation and win-win goal, risk sharing results.

      ★ January 4th Afternoon, the CPPCC Jintan Municipal Committee of the ninth session of the fourth grand opening in the studio hall City Broadcasting center. From the city's various other more than 220 CPPCC members to perform their duties conscientiously, for the realization of our city "three years of hard work, strong foundation and carry" target positive suggestions. Party secretary Fan Shoubai made an important speech at the meeting. Di Zhiqiang, Wang Guosheng and other four team leaders to participate in the opening ceremony. Municipal CPPCC Chairman Zhang Jianhua presided over the opening ceremony. Radio and Television Center studio hall simple and solemn, filled with festive atmosphere thick. Two in the afternoon, the three meeting of the nine session of the CPPCC in the grand opening, the majestic national anthem. Municipal CPPCC Chairman Zhang Jianhua presided over the meeting. The original old city four team leaders invited to attend the meeting. The total fee with "on the town (District) straw Jinshao work proposal" proposal "on the S241 and can adjust by widening the highway diversion bypass proposal" public opinion to attend the meeting.

      ★ January 9th  According to the Jintan Municipal People's Congress and arrangements for the deployment, the town of Second National People's Congress Presidium, reported by the town Party committee agreed, refers to the town of the second people's Congress of the fourth meeting of the 12:30 in the pre experimental school classroom as scheduled. The total cost of the city to participate in the city's textile and garment industry's annual work summary and the four session of the three council.

      ★ January 9th Afternoon 1:30, textile and garment industry in Jintan City Chamber of Commerce City's textile and garment industry, the annual summary of the work and the three session of the four Council meeting in Huamao Jinsheng science and technology limited company held. Summarize and analyze the status of the industry in 2014, study the industry development goals in 2015 and discuss the relevant issues. Huamao Jinsheng science and Technology Co. introduced the enterprise status at the meeting; Industry Association 2014 annual report and 2015 work objectives; the development situation of new industry group chairman Yin in Morrowind analysis report; the participating companies of the exchange at the meeting; the meeting also passed the relevant personnel appointment and removal of trade associations. The conference invited by letter Bureau, bureau of Commerce, customs, industry and commerce, quality inspection, taxation, civil affairs, industry and Commerce and other relevant departments attended the meeting and made a speech on the development of the industry guidance; the municipal government, the Municipal People's Congress and CPPCC leadership meeting. The fee is always in this event.

      ★ January 13th  At 11:10 in the morning to 13:50, Changzhou City Administration of production safety supervision and law enforcement officers Liang Xuefeng and Xia Kaijun came to Jiangsu Qingqing Garment Import & Export Co. Ltd. to produce documents in accordance with the law after the on-site inspection of production safety. The main content of this inspection is: 1, establish and implement the responsibility system for production safety, safety regulations and operating rules and operating procedures; 2, to set the safety management mechanism and equipped with safety production management personnel; 3, employees have the safety education and training, to obtain the relevant safety certificate the 4, occupation hazard prevention and control; workplace; 5, the organization of production safety inspection, timely investigation and management of production safety accidents; 6, safety equipment and facilities maintenance, maintenance, regular inspection of the situation; 7, providing no personnel to provide labor protection articles complying with the national standard or industry standard, and supervise and educate their employees in accordance with the rules of the proper use of. Law enforcement personnel to carry out inspection according to inspection by content. The on-site inspection of complete inspection of production safety management, several basic occupation disease prevention, safety and other aspects, important problems: emergency fire only content, lack of pertinence, should be in accordance with the "safety production units shall establish emergency plan for accident" (AQ/T9002) requirements, to further improve the production safety accident emergency rescue plan, organize regular exercises and make rehearsal records (plan, summary and amendments; record) should implement hazard investigation and management system, improve the troubleshooting governance ledger records; should be in accordance with the provisions of article eleventh of the Decree No. forty-seventh of the State Administration of work safety, establish and improve the occupation health management system; further improve the occupation health archives and laborer health records; anxious to safety production supervision and management departments of occupation disease harm items Orders; sign or change the labor contract, should inform the staff occupation disease harm standard real situation; occupation health examination shall timely organize inspection equipment a pulley casing loss; electric cabinet box illegal deposit operation record card and record the electric circuit part is not standardized; some equipment without control buttons, operating procedures on site; this card, related safety operation specification, warning signs should be eye-catching display. Inspection personnel to the company issued a rectification, hope that the company in February 12th before the rectification and rectification report to the Jintan City Zhen'an refers to the former supervisor review. The factory for checking out the problem is actively rectification, hope the workshop to earnestly implement the responsibility system for production safety, carry out uninterrupted production safety inspection, promptly eliminate hidden dangers of accidents, production safety will be included in the normal management, to ensure safety in production.

      ★ January 17th   Changzhou garment industry association and Changzhou hualda Garment Group of the twelfth College Students Association and the new year will be held in Changzhou Shangri-La hotel. A "dream" as the theme in the ordinary performances, outstanding achievements in praising the Changzhou garment industry and hualda Garment Group in 2014, the year 10 award reflects advanced emerging hualda Garment Group on all fronts model workers and excellent staff representatives, in their daily work in the super master consciousness. Details of the work, based on their own for the sake of front-line staff, provide as much convenience for mass production, focusing on the group's goals and tasks, first to the courage to forge ahead, in the ordinary post "dream", made extraordinary achievements, personal the struggle and the interests of the group together, the group of more than 6800 employees praise. I plant to participate in this event.


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