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      Jintan textile and garment industry chamber of Commerce, the Second Council of the Third Council meeting

      From:Jiangsu Qingqing Garments Import & Export Co. Ltd.  Time:2013-12-3 9:09:57  Hits:

                    November 16th afternoon, Jintan textile and garment industry association of the Second Council of the Third Council meeting held in Jintan Qing Qing knitting mill. The meeting chaired by the president of the chamber of Commerce Jiang Ling textile and garment industry, the meeting invited the chief of Changzhou customs Jintan comprehensive kohu Caiying comrades gave a special lecture on the customs of the textile and garment industry policy dynamics, basic operation of textile and garment industry association secretary general Wang Jufu of the city's textile and garment industry from 1 to October were analyzed. 1 to the overall health of the city in October the textile and garment industry situation is good, mainly presents the fundamentals of smooth operation, the whole industry continues to improve; further improve industrial concentration; industrial upgrading has become a new impetus to the city's textile and clothing industry to maintain growth. The governing units of the enterprise operation in 2013, the situation in 2014 and the analysis of the development of ideas, initiatives to exchange. Deputy director of the Changzhou Municipal Commission by letter made a special trip to the meeting, vice mayor Chen Chunhong attended the meeting and made an important speech.


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